Well, the end of the Easter break is (almost) over.. and the busiest term of the year is about to start. But this holiday has been awesome! Despite having a huge amount of work to do in preparation for next term, I decided that there was nothing more important than spending the majority of the two weeks with Oscar, to make up for the time I don’t see him while I’m working. And (with lots of late nights of work) I’ve managed it – we have had 13 full adventure days together, and we’ve had so much fun! Arts and crafts days, dinosaur hunting, walks on the hills, baking, pizza making, exploring national trust grounds, woodland walks, flower picking, bug hunting, feeding lambs, den making, nature crafts, exploring puzzlewood, picnics, visiting friends, countrytastic, tractor rides, dinner dates, coffee dates and lunches out… and we conquered a swimming fear! I’m so glad that we’ll always have these school holidays together.

Dear Oscar: This year

Dear Oscar,

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. In fact, the last one I wrote was just before your first birthday. Tonight we welcomed in 2015… you’re a cheeky, energetic two year old now. Bouncy, thoughtful and funny. You can talk properly now, and you make the best use of it (you ask for treats a lot, and tell me I’m silly all the time. Actually, yesterday you called me by my first name and told me I should “be more patient” – I told you to not be cheeky, but I was giggling inside.. you’re too clever for your own good!)… I absolutely adore that we can have proper little conversations now. You have graduated from toddler babble! And you’re so interested in everything around you, always asking questions and wondering why. “What’s that noise?” “Why does it do that?” “What are you doing?”.. It’s tiring, but I love that you’re so observant and intrigued by what is around you. One morning when we were rushing to get ready for nursery/work, you looked outside with a little inquiring, curious look on your face and asked me, “Mummy, where has the dark gone?”.. I think I told you to hurry up and eat your breakfast… Sorry… but I thought about it for the whole rest of the day – what a question from an only-just-2 year old!

This year has been eventful, to say the least. We’ve been such an awesome team, Oscar Robin. Guess what? I was awarded a first class for my degree. I had a photograph of you stuck to my desk at University to motivate me, so I guess I partly have you to thank for that. I started my PGCE and you started your second year of nursery. We’ve been to Italy, camping in cornwall, exploring the Scottish highlands.. On foot, on bike and on my back! You must be one of very few people to have stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence at the grand old age of 1 – and you did so in such style… toddling around as if you owned the place in your complimentary slippers and gown or shirt and bow tie, charming all the other guests and staff with your little wave and cheeky smile (You did also steal all the complimentary chocolates and then spat them out.. Your Auntie Emily was not best pleased).

I’ll never forget taking you to the Eden project – while people around us panicked in the heat and struggled to walk (including your Auntie Emily), you preceded to strip off to your nappy and run at full speed. And we’ve had so many adventures exploring the countryside on our weekends throughout the year. You were so enchanted by the hole in the tree and the bridges at Croome Park that we had to go back about ten times in the summer to re-visit them (I loved it) Jumping in puddles and feeding the chickens at Hanbury hall, searching for badger holes in the Firs, collecting the autumn leaves at Croome and seeing how many we could stuff in our pockets, going gruffalo hunting, climbing through the Henry Moore sculptures at the Crucible exhibition at Gloucester Cathedral and rocking out to the Beach Boys in my car.

2015 is going to be amazing. (If all goes to plan)

Here’s to 2015 and all the adventures that lie ahead of us..

Mummy xxx

P.S We just set off a load of fireworks outside your bedroom window and you slept through the entire thing… Lazy bum!

What a difference a year makes!

So, Christmas 2014 marks the first year that Oscar began to really understand what was going on. We sat at the windowsill on christmas eve and looked for Father Christmas in the sky, and he woke me in the morning exitedly questioning ‘has Father Christmas visited, Mummy?”. His little face when he saw presents under the tree was priceless. He was totally spoilt with presents, cuddles and delicious food.

He’s already started to ask me “when is it christmas again?”

Here are some photographs from Oscar’s first ‘real’ christmas. Oh, and turns out he loves smoked trout, salmon, christmas pudding and brandy butter – who is this toddler?!

The future & long summer holidays.

The summer is almost over.. Oscar started back at nursery today (full time!) and my PGCE is about to begin. Over the last three and a half months, Oscar and I have spent a total of 3 days indoors. Three days! This summer has been THE BEST. We’ve ridden on a horse and carriage through gardens in Italy, been on long bike rides, flown in aeroplanes, road-tripped to the Scottish highlands, seen the Eiffel Tower from the clouds, visited the Eden project, been to the zoo, paddled in the ocean, painted with our feet, ran through fields, thrown a party, been on picnics in the countryside, grown our own vegetables, made art with nature, hunted for bugs, visited art galleries, museums, libraries.. jumped in puddles, climbed trees, been to 6 different beaches, made sand castles, explored rock pools, been horse riding, baked too many cakes and cookies, eaten pizza in Pisa, read hundreds of books … And somebody turned two!
It is now September 1st. This month marks the beginning of a fresh start. I’m going to work bloody hard, surround myself with positive, like-minded people and be HAPPY. I am one big step from my big goal of providing Oscar with everything he needs off my own back. I’m fed up with being trapped in a system I despise – It seems that the closer I get to being rid of it, the more I find myself hating it. I’m now surrounded by books, pens, post it notes and ticking clocks again and am enjoying being back in the game. I’ve also just realised that as a teacher, I’ll always continue to get long school summer holidays with my little man. Bring on the future!

I’m always trying to find new, healthy things that Oscar and I can eat together. Yesterday we made spinach and tomato muffin omelettes! I had seen something similar on Pinterest and played around with this to suit Oscars tastes. He loved it! It’s also a great way to use up leftover meat and veg.